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Medium: visual art, performance art, dance, projection design, film, graphic design, sonography


ainsley elizabeth tharp is a Bay Area (Ohlone territory) based alchemist + artist + activist. She grew up in a Texas town called Victoria(Karankawas territory), she carries with her influence from catholic school, celtic folklore, mexican/tijuana culture, and white southern trailer trash.  She creates visual landscapes as performance using various modes and media, such as movement, magic, ritual, video, projection, lighting, and the sculpting of readymade objects. ainsley is a University of Iowa Graduate with a BFA in choreography and movement practices. She has performed internationally in the Bay Area, Berlin, Brussels, Iowa City, and Austin Texas.
Her work is queer, transcends boundaries and norms, and surpasses the conventional yes and no. Her work is femme. Her work is a part of the future.


Artist Statement:

My art is visual. The work I make is manifested through performance.

My nudes are swimming somewhere on the internet in a nonplace space for someone to find l8r.

I like to make a big fucking mess//

but I guess that’s a thing humans do…

Movement is my meditation, a mode of processing, and the way I feel connected to some deeper truth buried in the ground.

I’ve been thinking about decomposing, being devoured by the bees I used to save from drowning in my backyard, shriveling up like a dried out flower eventually dissolving into dust.

I love the internet, I love a long slow luxurious roll up, I love being choked, I love my house plants, and sweet sweet honey.

I source my magic from mania, orgasms, and being outside in nature.

I think microwaves left out on the side of the road speak to me on a psychic level.

Press and Publications
Coming Soon


photo by Miguel Zavala

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