Medium: visual art, performance art, dance, projection design, film, graphic design


Born in Oklahoma City grew up in Victoria Texas.

Graduated 2017 from the University of Iowa with a BFA in Dance

My art is visual. The work I make is manifested through performance.

My nudes are swimming somewhere on the internet in a nonplace space for someone to find l8r.

I like to make a big fucking mess//

but I guess that’s a thing humans do…

Movement is my meditation, a mode of processing, and the way I feel connected to some deeper truth buried in the ground.

I’ve been thinking about decomposing, being devoured by the bees I used to save from drowning in my backyard, shriveling up like a dried out flower eventually dissolving into dust.

I love the internet, I love a long slow luxurious roll up, I love being choked, I love my house plants, and sweet sweet honey.

I source my magic from mania, orgasms, and being outside in nature.

I think microwaves left out on the side of the road speak to me on a psychic level.

Press and Publications
Coming Soon

Rebooting the Future: Multimedia & Performance Arts Festival SF

Director: Stephanie Hewett

Video and projection designer: Ainsley Elizabeth Tharp

August 16 & 17 2019


Dock11 Berlin Germany

Director/ Choreographer: Sara Shelton Mann

Performing: Ainsley Elizabeth Tharp apart of assemble 

August 25 2019

NAKA Dance Theater

Video projection design: Ainsley Elizabeth Tharp

Space 124 SF

October 18 & 19 2019

FRESH Festival  F/ART

January 2020 SF

Performance & video design: Ainsley Elizabeth Tharp in collaboration with Nathaniel Moore