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Postcompany is an experiment that bubbled up when two artfully impulsive humans decided to embark on a creative epic…  founded by Ainsley Elizabeth Tharp (dancer, filmmaker, B.F.A., University of Iowa, 2016) and Jonah Kagan (dancer, technologist, B.S., Computer Science, Brown University, 2013) these two funky souls enjoy living in seamless dance improvisation.


Their work plays with sensation mined from their daily ritual, vulnerability and authenticity found through improvisation, and the spectrum of psychological and physical excess through the use of props and set. We utilize immersive world building and improvised movement to create engaging performance experiences. We draw from our backgrounds in film, technology, sculpture, and poetry to construct immersive environments, which we then invite the audience to enter with us. Postcompany explores the ecosystem of performative spaces by investigating the means through which symbiosis can be reached as the moving body is embedded in an environment.\

Based in the Bay Area, we have presented work at SAFEHouse Arts, LEVYSalon, the Nexus Center, and Temescal Art Center, and will be performing at the 2019 Harmony Festival in Chicago, a festival for dance accompanied by live music.

Copy of 20181006_LEVYsalon-LevyDANCE-Fal
Copy of 20181006_LEVYsalon-LevyDANCE-Fal